Thursday, October 28, 2010

October has been CRAZY

... and AMAZING at the same time ... which hopefully explains my absence . i have had 4 shows this month which included 2 in California.

Jeff and I hit the road at the end of September and drove down to the coast of california, near Santa Barbara. I did the Remnants of the Past show which i have to tell you is a first class show run by a first class lady, Judy Watkins. She is so lovely, professional, chill as a cucumber, personable, flexible, graciuos .... i could go on. She holds the sale on her friends lemon and avocado farm and the grounds, the house, the barn are amazing. I met some fabulous people and made some true connections. I truly can hardly wait until the next show ... i have a lot of junking to do.

next we headed north to San Francisco where i sold at the Alameda flea market. we arrived at 2:00 am and were allowed to set up at 4:00 am with early buyers arriving at 6:00 am. I am still trying to figure out how we did it as we had not had any sleep in 2 days. somehow we figured out how to unload the truck and set up again.

Had a great day of selling huge tables and really funky and cool collectibles. we met some pretty famous folks as well ... store owners i have seen in magazines, bloggers and a few celebrities. It is so fun getting out of your neighborhood.

we delivered goods to stores as we left SF and it was so great to see where my finds were going to be living.

we had an exhausting drive home ... poor Jeff, he was beat and i couldn't help with the driving as a sixteen foot trailer was a little tricky for me.

i could never have done this without Jeff. he is an amazing man and partner in crime. talk about talent ... this man can make, fix and do anything. he is the plummer, mechanic, builder, landscaper, florist, cook, father, artist, fix it man and commedian at the same time. he has probably the quickest mind and sense of humor i know ... which definitely makes life fun and exciting.

I took these pictures from Terry at La Dofina ... i met her and her husband at the ALAMEDA ... what a fun and guenuine couple. to see more, here is the link:


  1. Wow! You have been busy. I hope you are getting some well deserved rest! I also hope you sold lots of goodies at R & R. :)

  2. You had an amazing booth at Judy's show! I absolutely love my ornate iron piece that is hopefully going top be turned into a potrack in our new remodel :) I also snagged a cute sugar shaker while your hubby was unloading more goods from your trailer! Oh, and big hugs to your hubby for helping us load all our goodies....he even helped us with loading some of our other purchases!

    Cant wait to see you guys again in April! Have a nice weekend - hopefully taking a big breath and sleeping in ;)


  3. I so enjoyed having you both at the show last month. I can hardly wait for April. I am busy planning it right now. Get some rest and enjoy the holidays. xoxo Judy

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