Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Additions to ETSY

SEATTLE is SUNNY and i have been busy getting organized and taking pictures ... i am in the process of posting 35 new items on ETSY ... so check out my store on a daily basis as i have some fun, kitchy items that will be added.

as you can see i am still learning how to post pictures in the proper manner. I have been playing around with photoshop but it is not coming as naturally as i would like (to think that 20+ years ago i taught computer graphics classes .... how things have changed and i clearly have not kept up).


  1. I love the "Bear Area" sign. Too cute. The white suitcase looks great, too.

    I'm too scared to try Photoshop. I'd love to learn it but I need a class. :)

  2. love it all! i'm your newest follower! xoxo