Friday, April 30, 2010

food for the soul

glorious friday ... the day I usually drive around in search of great finds for my business and home. Instead ... I came home with these amazing peonie tulips. I don't know what it is about flowers but they just uplift my soul and make me happy ... especially when I can buy a dozen of them for $10 at a mom and pop stand.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

summer pillows

In my junking ventures yesterday, I came upon this amazing vintage seashell fabric. I could hardly wait to whip them into pillows. I had just enough to make two ... I combined them with a creamy canvas and piped them with vintage ticking. Perfect. My favorite part is that little bit of turquoise blue in the fabric ... YUM.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

recent finds and upcycling projects

I have been completely immersed in projects lately ... finding a treasure trove of goodies for my many upcoming shows ... repurposing and redoing lots of furniture ... sewing up loads of fun and fabulous pillows ... pressure washing, scrubbing and oiling plenty of metal goodies.

Here are a few of my newest projects and some additional furniture pieces I am going to list in my shop.

my favorite is the bentwood bar stool (pictured last) that has been completely overhauled. I found this chair in the most disgusting auto repair shop in a scary part of the industrial district of Seattle. It had not been loved for many years and was laclustre and upholstered in a glittery gold plastic, industrial fabric. I put some life back into the wood and reupholstered the seat in this fabulous, fun and energetic piece of fabric. Take note of all the details ... the dovetails, the scooped back, the bentwood sides ... absolutely fabulous. A fun piece at the kitchen bar or beach house.

I also love the industrial hospital stool. I purchased a number of these from a local hospital that shut its doors. I wasn't crazy about the original upholstery, although it is in fabulous condition. I decided to make this fun little slipcover with the red cross motif ... great under a desk, in an office, beach house, eclectic space ... absolutely love it. This also comes in a black cross motif ... made out of soft canvas, completely washable and easy to care for. The tie around the top singes the whole thing together and keeps the slipcover nice and snug.

The ice cream parlor chair has been reupholstered in a vintage burlap sack with a french feeling to it ... just a hint of blue stripe with all that wonderful texture. A perfect piece in the kitchen, behind a small farm table or desk.

The mid century black stool is an amazing find ... an original THONET Stool in what I consider perfect condition. If you are unfamiliar with Thonet furniture ... they invented and patented the bentwood process of making chairs in the late 1800's. This stool is a classic ... perfect for any home, especially for the person who loves mid century design and a mix of eclectic styles. Upholstery is original ... comes with original tags ... dating this stool to around the 1930's.

Lastly, the Italian Coffee table with gold gild & design has fabulous modern lines and whimsical painted exterior. In great condition except for some wear on some edges. a fun table to mix and match ... adds that little bit or European glitz to an interior space.