Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My garden makes me happy

in my search for great items for the home, i often run into amazing things for the garden ... i love a european garden. Old urns, concrete tables, statuary ... and i love it, as is, with moss and lots of patina. in the last year i have become completely obsessed with succullents. they match my crazy schedule ... no need for extra care. they are amazing as a group, looking almost like a bouquet or arrangement. in an old urn, they are simply spectacular.

when i step out the front door and see the lovely grouping ... i am instantly happy.


  1. Hi Dawn and Jeff ! Hope you had a safe trip home with lots $ in yr pockets ! This is Debbie Sidley, I purchased the "Urn" print block from you at Remnants. Do you still have the others? I would love to buy them as I have a great use for them (functionally). dmariesid@hotmail
    thanks so much. It was so great to meet you both and your from my neck of the woods ! Cheers ! Debi

  2. LOVE your garden! I too love english gardens! Your blog is really inspiring :) Just goes to show you never know where you'll find treasures.

    Smiles, Mary