Saturday, September 4, 2010

a great day of junking ....

it's pictures like this that inspire me to continue to look for treasures ... simple, eclectic, serene, one of a kind items for the home ... especially after 7 hours of digging, unburrying, and hauling a truckload of "great junk" from a less than undesireable location.

... today has simply been an amazing day of junking. i never know when i am going to find great stuff ... i just get out there and one thing leads to another and before long, i find a pile. in todays case, i filled my tahoe and then had to call my husband for support and he brought his big truck and we filled it to the brim. i am exhausted and i can't sleep ... my mind is racing with ideas and a long list of things i need to create.


  1. Whew, 7 hours!! That's hard work!!
    Carol in GA

  2. Sounds like loads of fun! I love it and hate it when my mind starts racing with projects & I can't fall asleep. Most of the time I give up and start my projects, sometimes in the wee morning hours.

  3. I didn't sleep last night, either, Dawn . . . mind racing (it doesn't seem to work that well during the day!). Hope you're bringing some of those goodies to 2nd Saturdayz!


  4. Completely get it! Nights planning and preparing your next show (in your head!)...figuring out some new and wonderful way to use that special something you just had to bring home...
    Looking forward to meeting you at the Nipomo Remnants show...(found you through Judy's posts...
    Kate (