Sunday, October 7, 2012

We have had the most amazing weather EVER in the last 2 months here in the Seattle area. One morning of drizzle in two months ... the rest of the days are sunny, warm and moisture free. For me, this has been a gift. My entire back yard is FULL of furniture projects. I know my neighbors think I am a hoarder ... as you can see through my fence, it looks like the entire yard is covered with "things". But, this is how I make money ... I find amazing pieces that have been forgotten and mistreated and I (meaning my husband, Jeff) brings them back to life. I have been preparing for Remnants of the Past in California and wondering what I was going to take. Not to worry, as the last few weeks I have recvd. multiple calls from people and found an amazing collections of goods for the show. So excited to hit the road and head down to California ... thinking of going through the Redwoods this year instead of I-5. It will all depend on when we leave. I am bribing the kids to help and rallying the troops ... always toooooo much to do. wish me luck. Dawn

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  1. Looking forward to seeing all of your "hoards"! Always a favorite booth of mine at Judy's shows :) Hope you take the scenic route down here!! Safe travels...