Friday, April 6, 2012

Todays Great Finds

The picking has been GREAT lately ... here are a few of todays bounty ... some amazing metal items ... a great zinc and green trough from an equestrian farm that sadly was purchased for a new apartment complex ... some old radiators that had such great relief on them (we are going to be turning these into lights) ... a concrete piece that i am salivating over (love concrete) and a huge wood screen that I am going to use for display at the store to frame pressed botanicals or old prints. Love the industrial metal and butcher block table ... this I know, will turn out amazing ... quirky and one of a kind. The leather books with gold filigree ... les miserables ... a fabulous set for a bookcase or coffee table.

I love to show the state in which I find some of these things and what they end up looking like in the end. Mr. Oscar is crazy talented and works magic with everything I bring home ... I simply could not do what I do without him.

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  1. Love all that you do, Dawn! What great finds! LOL...have an awesome week!