Sunday, March 14, 2010

my new business card ...

Finally ... after 6 years of selling at shows and on line, I have an official business card (sort of) minus my name and home phone number ... oh, well, its a start.

No more scribbling on the back of a luggage tag or ripping off a corner of a paper bag ... I can officially now hand them a card.

That's the thing about being so right brained ... the details are So NOT important. It's all about the finding and creating!


  1. Hi Dawn, You sound a lot like me. I got into the biz because I couldn't keep everything I had collected, and now I am addicted to shopping for my booth. The dealers invited me to their therapy group when I first started showing the signs of the disease. I love your Italian table. Your photos are gorgeous.

  2. New business card looking amazing. its great designing. Plastic Business Cards