Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pleasure Point Sale

This weekends sale was so much fun ... thanks to all of you who attended. A humungous thank you to Mela, an up and coming star in the antique junking business ... this girl is first class and we had so much fun merging our treasures and junk. She has the most amazing little beach cottage on a fabulous piece of lake washington property ... decorated in the most wonderful, frenchy meets ralph lauren way ... thanks, Mela ... you are gem and i love the fact you live around the corner.


  1. Hey girls,
    How do I find out about these fun sales ??

  2. Dawn, did you see my post about you two? Go look!! Had a great time, and I'm sorry I misspelled Mela's name!

    xo Debi

  3. Dawn, can you please send me Mela's email address? I owe her $ for delivery. I'd like your email address too, if you don't mind. Thanks!

  4. Hi Dawn, finally getting around to posting you!
    Had a fabulous time doing the sale with you, You are such an inspiration ! With such heart and an eye for the wonderful!